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I am an articulate academic and motivational speaker that has captivated large audiences at universities, conferences, retreats and workshops.

Additionally, I have done many well received interviews and/or podcasts. 


To inquire regarding my availability, please complete the following form with details pertaining to your event and/or organization.

Session inquires may be made here, too.

Please note that I thoroughly reply to all session requests to ensure that we are an energetic match, honor the integrity of my practice and, most importantly, so that I may serve the persons who are willing and ready to make an authentic commitment toward optimal well-being.

If this resonates, please reach out and I will happily get back to you at my earliest opportunity. 


In gratitude and Light,



Hello! Thank you for contacting me.

Kindly limit your inquiry to one per person, as multiples will not be read due to time constraints.


I honor your communications. Please understand that I am receiving an extraordinary amount of messages and will respond at my earliest opportunity.


I appreciate your empathetic resonance and patience.


In gratitude and Light, Brooke

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