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Everything I teach is healing work that I have likewise practiced in-depth. I honor your organic Divine essence and will not compromise your energetic integrity by facilitating modalities that I myself have not rigorously practiced throughout my self-healing journey and/or advanced academic endeavors.  Thus, the alchemy which occurs in each session is a unique expression of the individual client. 

One of my innate gifts is my ability to receive your energetic signature and intuit the gathering of highly specific tools and practices, which will realign your mental, physical, Spiritual and emotional bodies, reintroducing you to your truth and beauty, so you can live a more vibrant life. I infuse energy healing with multi-disciplinary psychology, creating a mind-body emphasis, which releases that which no longer serves you. Moreover, I incorporate heuristic knowledge from my ever-expanding research in the fields of consciousness, kundalini and near-death studies, whereas my intuitive arts are supported by quantum physics and neuroscience.

My practice is founded on the experiential knowledge that locked or bottled-up emotion, compounded by compromised perception and/or situational stressors (e.g. trauma) can lead to quantifiable dis-ease. This premise is further supported by advanced academic studies in clinical, transpersonal (i.e. spiritual) and ecology psychologies, expressive art therapies and holistic healing modalities, including but not limited to, meditation, reiki, Shamanic and Yogic traditions. Most significantly, it is the result of a profound Near-Death Experience (NDE), triggered by a life-threatening dis-ease. In the first seven years following my NDE, I deeply struggled to embody Light Consciousness as I experienced many phenomena that I had been trained, as a clinician, to pathologize. During this time, I had countless Spiritually- Transformative Experiences (STEs), the summation of which, prompted me to devote both my research and practice to guiding others through the reintegration process.


Given the wisdom I attained as a polytrauma survivor and as a former psychotherapist, I infuse my practice with a trauma-sensitive orientation, as it became evident for the growing need for this within both the Spiritual and holistic communities.


Moreover, as a born intuitive and Empath, my gifts were initially dismissed, invalidated, and/or shamed, which taught me to actively, albeit unconsciously, suppress and/or deny them throughout my lifespan, until my Third Eye was catapulted open during my NDE.  


I am now raising young children that are likewise intuitive, wherein I am experientially learning the beauty of supporting empathetic, highly sensitive children in the nurturance and embodiment of their innate gifts, while practicing discernment. As such, Spirit has been guiding many "rainbow children" my way, which has become a beloved, yet unexpected emphasis of my practice.

As a former clinician, I saw firsthand how far too many highly sensitive persons were inaccurately pathologized and medicated. Thus, I work diligently to support my clients in clarifying and embracing who they are free of diagnostic nomenclature. 

My own intuitive reintegration was so turbulent that it nearly cost me my life many times over. Thus, it is my mission to utilize the totality of my personal experiences and academic training to assist others through a gentler, loving, conscious embodiment of mind, body, Spirit and emotion.

It is therefore my great pleasure to assist you in exploring all aspects of Self, so that you too may begin your journey towards optimal alignment.

My intention is for you to be passionately devoted to you with radical acceptance, self-Love and compassion. I simply guide you back to yourself. 


MA, Marital and Family Therapy

MA, Clinical Art Therapy

MA, Clinical Psychology


Transpersonal Psychology


Depth Psychology

Dream Analysis

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner 


The Four Winds Society (Shamanic Energy Medicine)

Tera Mai Seichem Reiki  (Shamanic Lineage)

Meditation Teacher Training


Support for Empaths and Highly-Sensitive Persons (HSPs)

Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs)
Out-of-Body Experience (OBEs)

Trauma-Sensitive Guidance

Conscious Channeling

Angelic and/or Quantum Fieldwork 

Shamanic Practices

Vibrational Alignment



Energetic Boundaries 

Experiential Teaching

Intuitively Guided Meditations & Transmissions



Mental/ Physical/Spiritual/Emotional Health

Transpersonal Growth

Divine Feminine Reclamation

Heart Intelligence & Congruence

Core Self and Values

Belief and Intention

Core Programming

Ancestral/Cellular/DNA Upgrades
Stress Management
Decision Making
Behavioral Patterns
Work-Life Balance


To insure the sacred integrity and safety of the work, services must be booked directly through Brooke. Session payments are required at the time of scheduling and are non-refundable. However, if you reschedule, or Brooke must due to illness and/or emergency, then they may be fully credited to a future date within 12- months of the originally determined service. Please be certain you are wholeheartedly committed to the work prior to scheduling as no exceptions shall be granted.

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