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"Brooke throughout embodies a multidisciplinary intuitive practice, which deeply honors her academic roots, while creating a modality entirely her own; and impressive achievement informed by her remarkable lived-experience."

-Gary, Orange County



"Once again your shamanic healing has done another transformation in my psyche. I really marvel at what you are able to do and the power and depth of the energies which you have so Divinely channeled for the benefit and wellness of so many."

-Danton, San Diego


"Hi Brooke, Thank you for being so understanding. That is not at all a common reaction in my experience. So I deeply appreciate it. I also appreciate how (obviously) caring and thoughtful you are. 


I received the homework and look forward to completing it quickly (but not too quickly!). There's a LOT of great info. I didn't expect it to be so detailed -- thank you for putting in the time and effort to compile the homework assignment (and for sending it to me so quickly!).


Again, these are all qualities I haven't encountered all that often, even with some absolutely amazing intuitives, healers, lightworkers, etc. I try to treat my students the same way but I've never met anyone else who lives by the same principles or philosophy...until now!


I'm deeply grateful for everything. I hope your clients know how absurdly (!) lucky they are to have your guidance and support, and that they value and appreciate all that you do for them. I hope you don't mind my saying this, but you deserve to work with people who care about you as much as you care about them." 


-Suraj, New York City

Brooke, Just one treatment so far and it was powerful. Your communication with follow through after the session is kind and wonderful. I have noticed a big change with just one session which is amazing. This is better than anything I have ever tried by far.  Looking forward to another session. 

-Anthony, Pittsburgh

"Hi Brooke, I wanted to send a note of thanks. I’m so grateful we connected. I’ve worked with and learned from many practitioners over the past several years. I mention this because I’ve touched on many of the things you spoke of today (in my energy) working on myself.


And while I know that I’ve discovered a lot and begun the journey, it’s affirming for you to confirm it having the some of the same things come up and help  me in doing a deeper dive. Your depth of knowledge and understanding of spirituality is inspiring.

I’m glad you’re here and l look forward to seeing where this goes.

-Howard, Austin

"Before a friend suggested you, I had no idea persons like you existed! The way you blend conventional science with a wide range of Spiritual practices is a gift, but your energy is what's so healing. You know the power of authenticity and you shower your clients in it. Thank you for being my sacred mirror, and ultimately guiding me to serve as my own. I recommend you to any and every one now and am so happy that many of those recommendations have led to healing those I care for, too. 

You rock, Brooke. 

Thank you!"

-Jean, Portland

"You have no idea how much I appreciate you, Brooke! You helped me help myself, which saved my life. Yours is a very special soul, and one I am grateful to been referred to (by my psychology professor no less!)."

-Melissa, Palo Alto


To insure the sacred integrity and safety of the work, services must be booked directly through Brooke. Session payments are required at the time of scheduling and are non-refundable. However, if you reschedule, or Brooke must due to illness and/or emergency, then they may be fully credited to a future date within 12- months of the originally determined service. Please be certain you are wholeheartedly committed to the work prior to scheduling as no exceptions shall be granted.

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